CTREE program horses are specially trained and provide a variety of gaits and sensory input to accommodate the needs of our riders.

We currently have four program horses, Mosely, Kirolak, Pumpkin and Rocket.

Meet Mosely!

Mosely is a 17 year old Haflinger.  Mosely is very friendly and loves children.

He provides our riders with a strong, broad back that offers security with each steady and smooth stride.

Meet Kirolak!

Kirolak is a 18 year old Argentine Paint.

He has huge, kind eyes, wonderful markings and is a great addition for our more independent riders.

Meet Pumpkin!

Pumpkin came to us from Montauk. He was rescued at auction by his owner. Pumpkin took to his work as a therapy pony like a duck to water and has quickly become a favorite at the barn.

He loves his riders and volunteers and wants to do his best for everyone!


Meet Rocket!

Rocket is a 20 year old Quarter Horse. Rocket has a very impressive show record with his owners – he even won ribbons at the Hampton Classic!

These days he is enjoying his new job at CTREE and lots of grass turnout and R & R.







And for those of you who remember Cookie,  she served 5 years with our CTREE riders and is happily grazing the beautiful Virginia hills of Long Branch with her new BFF, Gracie.

“The therapists confirmed our son’s improved posture following several months of riding of riding Mosely – it’s thrilling to see!”  Parent of a CTREE Rider